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We advise on landlord and tenant issues, including eviction proceedings in Michigan. If a landlord wishes to remove a tenant from rental property, the landlord must use the eviction process. The process is called a “Summary Proceeding,” and it moves quickly to restore rental property to the person lawfully entitled to possession. The landlord must never forcibly remove the tenant (or occupant). This includes things like changing locks, turning off utilities, or some other act or omission that interferes with the tenant’s right to possess, use and enjoy the rental property.

The process starts with notice – an eviction notice – and may involve court appearances and a trial.  If the landlord is successful in proving the case, an Order of Eviction may be issued and a court officer may remove the tenant and tenant’s personal items from the rental property. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in handling your landlord-tenant issues. Whether it’s preparing leases or litigating disputes, our attorneys provide experienced, personalized representation and quality advice at an affordable price.

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Our Landlord-Tenant Services:

We handle issues, such as:

  • Payment/nonpayment of rent
  • Termination of leases
  • Eviction
  • Security deposits
  • Property damage
  • and more

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