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Is This Deed Valid? When (and How) to Challenge a Deed

mortgage deed and keys

A deed is something you probably don’t think much about until you have to buy, sell, or otherwise transfer real property. A deed is the legal instrument that transfers ownership of that property from one party to another. So when you are the person granting the deed (the grantor), and especially when you’re the person […]

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For Sale By Owner: Why You Might Need a Lawyer

Home for sale by owner real estate sign hanging from a wooden post in the front yard.

An increasing number of people are deciding to sell their house without the help of a real estate agent. These “for sale by owner,” or FSBO, transactions, offer sellers a number of advantages. For one thing, when you do a FSBO, you, as the seller, have total control over all aspects of the sale. You […]

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Should You Waive a Home Inspection When Buying a House?

Building Inspector completing an inspection form on clipboard beside new build construction

For many people, buying a home is the biggest financial investment they will ever make. In a residential real estate purchase, you want to be sure that you are paying a fair price and getting what you expect. Part of the process, typically, is a home inspection. Are there ever circumstances in which you should […]

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What is Title Insurance, and Why Do I Need it?

Purchase agreement for new house next to a small model home

If you are buying real estate, you may have heard of title insurance. What is title insurance? Is it required in Michigan? What does it do, how much does it cost, and how do you get it? Perhaps most importantly, what are the risks if you don’t have title insurance? This blog post will answer […]

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Legal Risks of Backing Out of a Real Estate Contract

Woman tearing contract paper in half

Buying a house is one of the biggest legal transactions most people will ever take part in. Searching for and finding the right house is exciting, but of course, such a major purchase also carries risks. When you are making such a large commitment, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong—but what happens if […]

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What is an “As Is” Sale of Real Estate?

Old Home to be Sold "As Is"

An “as is” sale of real estate is pretty much what it sounds like: the seller is listing the house in its current condition, and is not willing to make repairs or improvements, nor to give a buyer credit for needed repairs or improvements. With a house that is being sold as is, the price […]

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Buying a Home? Look for These Red Flags

Homes for Sale

Buying a home is something of an adventure; if it weren’t, there wouldn’t be an entire network devoted to shows about house hunting. But adventures can go wrong quickly, and not every quest for a new home ends with the happy ending you see on TV. Here are some red flags you should look for […]

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What You Need to Disclose When Selling Your House

Couple Holding SOLD Sign in Front of House

Your house may not be perfect, but it’s your home, and you love its little quirks. That is, until it’s time to sell it, and you realize that potential buyers may find those “quirks” problematic enough that they decide not to make an offer. Learn what you need to disclose when selling your house in […]

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Do I Need an Attorney to Buy a House in Michigan?

Michigan Lawyer House for Sale

The short answer is that an attorney’s services are not required to buy or sell a house in Michigan. But before you heave a sigh of relief at not having to pay an attorney’s fee, consider some very good reasons why you might want to have an attorney involved in the purchase or sale of […]

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Important Landlord-Tenant Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, as in other states, a body of law exists to regulate the relationship between landlords and tenants. Each has rights and each has responsibilities, some created by public statute, and some by private agreement (the lease). Here are some things it’s wise to understand before entering into a landlord-tenant relationship from either side. […]

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