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Choosing a Guardian or Conservator for Your Children

It’s a topic no parent wants to think about, but every parent must: if something happened to you and your children’s other parent, who would care for your children? The idea is so uncomfortable for many people, and their daily lives with work and children are so busy, that they put off making a plan—sometimes […]

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How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is difficult. Sharing the news with your children, in some ways, is even harder. Here are some suggestions for making the process easier on them — and on you. Work With Your Spouse. You and your spouse may not be getting along very well, but if you are able to work […]

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Risks of Divorcing in Michigan Without an Attorney

With the availability of the Internet and its wealth of information on every topic, people are shying away from hiring professionals for various services they feel they can learn to do themselves. This includes certain legal services like divorce. To the answer, “Why should I hire an attorney for my Michigan divorce?” There is one […]

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