Why You Need a Lawyer if You Were Injured in a Car Crash

Man Calling Lawyer After Car Crash

Every year, around 70,000 Michiganders are injured in auto accidents in the state. Some accidents are due to drunk driving, some to excessive speed or poor road conditions, and an increasing number to distracted driving. But whatever the cause of the accident that injured you, you are almost certainly entitled to recover from either your […]

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What Your Children Need to Know About Their Inheritance

Senior Couple Talking About Inheritance

There are many reasons aging parents don’t talk to adult children about their inheritance. They may not want to their children by talking about their own mortality. They may fear that, if their adult children know an inheritance is coming, they will be less motivated to work hard themselves. And, of course, talking about money […]

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You Have a Trust—But is it Funded?

Empty Safe because Trusted Isn't Funded

If you’re like most people, it was a challenge for you simply to make it to the office of an estate planning attorney to make an estate plan. When you walked out the door, you were relieved, because you’d finally taken care of this obligation to your loved ones. The estate plan went in a […]

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How to Update Your Estate Plan After Divorce

Couple's Hands Signing Papers to Update Estate Plan

If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you and your spouse created an estate plan to provide for your child’s well-being in the event something happens to either or both of you. Now you’re getting divorced, or newly divorced. How does that estate plan need to change? If reading the paragraph above made you […]

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Seven Signs Your Living Trust May Not Function as Planned

Living Trust Problems - Pen writing Error and Fix

Almost every estate plan can benefit from a living trust. There’s a lot to love about living trusts: they can keep your assets out of probate, allowing them to pass seamlessly to your heirs; they allow you to control and use the assets during your life, and even to place conditions on their use and […]

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Who Should File for Divorce First in Michigan?

Woman in Court Room Files for Divorce

In some Michigan divorces, one spouse serves the other with divorce papers, and the spouse who is served is blindsided. In most divorces, though, the couple knows their marriage is in deep trouble. If you know you and your spouse are headed for divorce, should you file for divorce first, or let them file? The […]

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Should You Agree to Serve as Executor of an Estate?

Woman shrugging: Should I Be Executor?

It’s both a great honor and a serious responsibility to be named as the executor of a loved one’s estate. Most of the time, someone who is considering naming you as their executor will ask you in advance if you would be willing to serve. It’s also possible that you could be named as executor […]

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Help for Out-of-State Executors of Michigan Estates

Last Will and Testament

More than ever before, adult children may live several states away from their parents. But just as ever, parents tend to name their adult children as executors of their estates. The result is that many people are faced with the task of administering an estate in a state where they don’t live, and whose laws […]

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Marital and Separate Property in Michigan

Scale with coins and house

If you’re getting divorced in Michigan, you know that part of the process is the division of marital property. What you may not know is exactly what “marital property” means. Not all property that belongs to you and your spouse is marital, and before a judge can divide it up, he or she will need […]

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When Should I Update My Living Trust—and How?

Chalk drawing: clock and Time to Update

A living trust is an efficient way for most people to maintain control of their assets during their lifetime and pass those assets directly to loved ones after their death. Living trusts are “revocable,” which is to say that you can revoke them at any time until you die or become legally incapacitated. You can […]

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